Artist Statement


Angel examines the dehumanization of people through the marketing and spin that we are subjected to in our everyday lives by exploiting commercialism and placing issues in an appetizing, yet, disturbingly consumable form. In an era where the masses are looked upon as “consumers” rather than citizens, he has discovered that the best way to skirt laws is to redefine them or outright claim them to be “fake news.”  His multi-media installations and sculptures capitalize on immigration, financial disarray, terrorism, and war in our commercial-centric society.  The reason for this is not only to heighten awareness of the subject matter, but to begin conversation where most would rather be entertained.  The creation and engineering of the work is not just an artistic presentation:  it is an invitation to incorporate the viewer and make them a larger part of the work itself, creating an interactive experience that merges a passion for the arts with today’s technologies and the social/political concerns of today.


All images, names, copyrights, works, designs are property of Angel Cabrales. Any artwork, writings, sculptures, paintings, multimedia work, designs, images, including any sketch work, prototypes, web images, photos are property of Angel Cabrales. None of the above may be used for any commercial, artistic, or any other purpose without written permission or consent from Angel Cabrales.